I remember what it was like when I didn't know Christ; the real Christ. When all I knew was "religion" and "tradition". Dead in my sins, I was confused, sucked up relativism, trying to reach a false god through tradition and religious do's/don'ts, and all the cheesy clichés. I hung around people who I thought were Christians; only to find out years later that many of them were false professors. I claimed to be a Christian, because I didn't know any better. I was raised in a cult, Roman Catholicism. Later in life I was exposed to the chaos that is known as modern day Charismaticism; the Charismatic Movement. I swallowed it's lies and false promises because I thought that was real Christianity. It was different from the cult that I was raised in, but it was still madness. I was also exposed to the heresy of decisional regeneration, that my salvation depended upon my belief and that keeping my salvation hung on that decision. What a terrible burden to bear, the thought that my salvation depended upon my frail, sinful, weak and doubting mind. Thankfully, about a year later, God showed me Eph. 2:8-9 and it was as if the entire world was lifted off of my shoulders. Not by works, but by Grace through Faith. Faith that He is the author, operator and giver of. He granted me the peace to know that my salvation did not depend upon me, but entirely rested in Him.

-- I weep now, in much thankfulness, that God dragged me to himself, to know who He really is, to be able to read His Word and understand it. He saved me in the darkest, most painful time in my life that I have ever known. Thank you, Lord Jesus. My Savior, My God.